Do You Remember?

Do you remember 1980?? Well, let's see...

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1)   Who was the 12th Grade Assistant Principal in 1980?

2)   Who faced Union RedHawks in the 1980 Homecoming football game?

  Kentwood Falcons
  East GR Pioneers
  Catholic Central Cougars
  West Catholic Falcons
3)   He kept the campus safe!! Name that guy:

This dude was pretty darn hip in the eyes of a bunch of teenagers!
4)   Don't get caught chewing gum in THIS classroom!

  Ms. Esther Rosely
  Mrs. Cheryl Chambers
  Ms. Esther Skurka
  Ms. Mary Morrow

Teacher who routinely gave lectures on how gum chewing was bad for the digestive system...
5)   She had all the answers you needed to succeed:

  Mrs. Ruth Havlick
  Mrs. Cheryl Chambers
  Dorothy! (the spunky hall monitor)
  Mrs. Ruth Nicely