Feedback Survey - NEW!

Hey Redhawks!  We'd love to hear from you!!

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1)   How frequently do you use the Internet?

  A few times a week
  A few times a month
2)   How often do you use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites to stay connected with people you know?

  A few times a day
  A few times a month
  A few times a year
  I eat meals at the keyboard, if that's any indication
  I don't use social media websites. Prefer the Pony Express
3)   How did you first learn of the UHS Class of 80 Reunion website?

  From attending the 30th class reunion
  From the Facebook grapevine
  From another social media website
  From a fellow classmate I am in contact with
  Found it via web search
  uhh I have no idea how I got here. Where am I? Who am I? And no that's not my dog...
4)   Do you know classmates who have NOT joined the site?

  Yes, and I keep telling them to join but they haven't yet
  Yes, and I keep forgetting to tell them about the site! Dang it's a @#% getting old. ;)
  Yes, and I can provide their email so the committee can send an invite
5)   How often do you login to the UHS Reunion website to check things out?

  When the system sends me a reminder
  Upon solstice events only
6)   Do you have any suggestions to make the UHS Class Reunion website more useful? Please feel free to share any suggestions, comments, ideas, etc.

Don't be shy about sharing your ideas or telling us if there's something that needs to be improved. We want to make this website most useful to classmates so all ideas are welcomed!
7)   Do you know that you can use the UHS Reunion website to communicate with other classmates? Just find the classmate on the list and send a message!

  Cool, I didn't know you could do that! Thanks for the tip!
  Yep, I've known about it and have used this feature of the site. Nice way to say hello
  umm ...what list?
8)   Looking forward to the 35th Reunion (a few years to go) do you have any preliminary suggestions for the committee? All ideas welcomed!